Version Update 2.4.1

May 28, 2019 | 0 comments

Version 2.4.1 brings some major updates for manual data input (Laimh). Additional metadata (solvent, pulse program, title) are stored in database when data sets are claimed. Users can also inspect spectra by build in viewer as they can do for spectra acquired under automation.
We have also done some changes to infrastructure that should make storage of claimed data sets more secure.


Version 2.3.1 changelog

  • Laimh – adds aditional metadata (solvent, pulse program, title)
  • Laimh – Data sets can be filtered by new metadata
  • Laimh – Manual acquired spectra can be inspected using spectrum viewer
  • Laimh – improved infrastructure (copy data from unclaimed folder to claimed folder)
  • Minor Laimh bugs (pagination, download, dataset names with %)
  • Edit project – privileges configuration
  • Ketcher overlay bug for compound structure search
  • Adding tlab users as teaching users